Red Large Format Anti Slip Quarry Tile 20x20cm

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Discover the timeless allure and practicality embodied in the Red Large Format Anti-Slip Quarry Tile, each measuring a generous 20x20cm. Crafted with precision and elegance, these red quarry tiles are a versatile choice, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications on floors and walls, catering to an array of environments including kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

Boasting a thickness of 15mm and a textured finish, these tiles exhibit unparalleled durability, making them exceptionally resilient to heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Whether gracing the floors of terraces and gardens or accentuating outdoor staircases and indoor entrances, these tiles withstand the demands of various spaces with grace.

A notable feature is the high anti-slip rating of R11, which renders these quarry tiles an ideal selection for commercial areas prone to high footfall. The safety and durability they offer make them a prudent choice for multi-fuel stove surroundings and fireplaces, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional safety.

However, it is essential to note that these tiles are extruded, resulting in dimensional tolerances of +/- 2mm. Consequently, we advise against using them in a checkerboard style alongside our Black Large Format Quarry Tiles.

In essence, the Red Large Format Anti-Slip Quarry Tile is a harmonious blend of aesthetic charm and practical resilience. Offering easy installation, low maintenance, and versatility for diverse room applications, this tile is a distinguished choice for those seeking to imbue their spaces with a touch of sophistication and enduring quality. Explore the potential of these exquisite tiles and let them transform your surroundings into a testament of elegance and functionality.


Material: Terracotta
Colour: Red
Dimensions: 20x20cm ( +/- 2mm Tolerance )
Thickness: 15 mm
Finish: Matt
Style: Quarry Tiles
Type: Floor Tile and Wall Tile
Suitability: Outdoor and Indoor

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