Original Style Artworks Monet: Water-Lily Pond Masterpiece Tile

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Monet was the master of the Impressionist movement in late 19th century France. His passion was depicting the effects of light, particularly on water. The Water-Lily Pond (1899) is one of a series featuring Monet’s own water garden and Japanese footbridge at Giverny in which his use of colour and light is at its most exquisite. The Original Style Artworks range comprises ceramic wall tiles, mouldings and decorative pieces for bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. Its rich, intense colours, deep translucent glazes and finely crafted details are perfect for recreating both classic and contemporary styles.


Material: Ceramic
Edge: Straight
Dimensions: 39.5x38cm
Thickness: 10 mm
Finish: Decorated
Type: Wall Tile
Suitability: Wet Wall and Dry Wall
Range: Artworks

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