Bathroom Trends for 2024

This year, the trends in bathrooms are all about innovation, sustainability, and personal expression, reflecting a broader shift towards mindful living and sophisticated style. From cutting-edge materials to smart technology, and from soothing colour palettes to bold design statements, join us as we explore the bathroom trends dominating in 2024. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or simply looking to refresh your space, these trends will inspire you to create a bathroom that is both modern and timeless.

Bathroom Products Trends 

The bathroom products market is brimming with innovative trends that are set to redefine our home sanctuaries. This year, the focus is on combining functionality with style. From the rise of rimless toilets that promise superior hygiene to the resurgence of elegant freestanding baths and the addition of textured fluted detailing, these trends are poised to transform bathrooms into luxurious, efficient, and personalised spaces.

  • Spa & Wellness Design

The spa and wellness trend continues to rise, transforming bathrooms into serene, luxurious spaces inspired by high-end hotels. Key elements include freestanding baths, natural tones, marble accents, and minimalist designs. With features like steam showers and rainfall shower heads, these spa-like sanctuaries promote relaxation and offer health benefits such as improved sleep and reduced blood pressure.

  • Fluted Detailing

Fluted detailing, also known as reeded or ribbed glass, introduces texture and sophistication to bathroom designs. Ideal for shower screens, vanity units, and wall panels, this trend adds depth and elegance. Fluted wooden cabinetry in rich timber tones enhances the organic feel of the space, making it a popular choice for modern and stylish bathrooms.

Alexa 600mm Wall Hung 1 Drawer Basin Unit & Worktop - Matt Mineral Grey

Alexa 600mm Wall Hung 1 Drawer Basin Unit & Worktop - Matt Mineral Grey


  • Embracing Curves

Curves are softening bathroom spaces, adding elegance and modernity. Curved fixtures like vanities, bathtubs, and mirrors create a harmonious balance between form and function, making the bathroom feel more open and inviting. This trend breaks away from rigid lines, offering a serene environment and a touch of luxury.

  • Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are becoming the norm due to their superior hygiene and ease of cleaning. Without an inner rim, these toilets prevent the buildup of germs and limescale, ensuring a more sanitary environment. Their sleek design and powerful flushing mechanism also contribute to a modern, sophisticated bathroom look.

  • Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths continue to be a luxurious focal point, combining aesthetic appeal with health benefits. These tubs, available in various designs, colours, and materials, enhance both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles. Easy installation and comfort make them a practical choice, transforming any bathroom into a serene retreat.

  • Concealed Valves

Concealed shower valves are set to make a bold statement, continuing their rise in popularity due to their ability to create a clean, luxurious aesthetic in any bathroom. Concealed valves enhance the minimalist appeal, allowing for a seamless integration of functionality and design. Тhese hidden fixtures contribute to a sleek and uncluttered look. Expect to see more of them as they become a staple in bathroom renovations, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. 

  • Wall Mounted Taps

Wall mounted taps are set to become a staple in modern bathroom design, offering a sleek look while maximising counter space. These fixtures not only make daily routines more convenient but also add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom style. Their versatility and eye-catching appeal make them an essential feature for creating streamlined, clutter-free environments, ensuring they will be prominently featured in bathroom renovations and new builds.

Portiofino Wall Mounted Basin Mixer - Brushed Brass


  • Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets make a significant impact by creating more open and spacious bathrooms. Designed to have the cistern concealed within the wall or a furniture unit, these toilets provide a clean and uncluttered look, contributing to a modern and free-flowing design. This design maximises floor space and simplifies cleaning by eliminating hard-to-reach areas, making back to wall toilets a preferred option for those looking to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their bathrooms.

  • Colourful Vanity Units

Colourful vanity units are set to become a standout trend, adding vibrant and personal touches to bathroom designs. Moving away from the traditional white and neutral tones, these vanities come in a variety of bold colours, allowing homeowners to express their unique style and create a lively atmosphere. Whether opting for rich, deep hues or bright, playful shades, colourful vanity units can transform a bathroom into a more dynamic and inviting space. 

Picpoul 1242mm Basin & WC Unit Pack - Matt Sage Green


  • Wall Hung Vanity Units

Wall hung vanity units are gaining popularity for their upscale look and practical benefits. These units free up floor space, creating an open, airy feel in the bathroom while providing ample storage. The minimalist design complements the trend of colourful vanity units, allowing vibrant hues to stand out without overwhelming the space. By combining wall hung functionality with bold colours, homeowners can achieve a contemporary and stylish bathroom that maximises both form and function.

  • Eco-Friendly Bathroom Technology

Eco-friendly designs are transforming bathrooms with innovations that reduce water consumption and promote sustainability. Advanced thermostatic shower systems help conserve water, benefiting both the environment and your wallet. Water-saving faucets and smart toilets are becoming common, as homeowners seek to create eco-efficient spaces that align with environmental goals. By integrating these eco-friendly technologies, bathrooms not only enhance functionality but also contribute to a greener future.

  • Smart Bathroom Innovations

Smart technology is elevating bathroom convenience and luxury with features such as electric showers, hands-free taps, Wi-Fi thermostats and sensor-controlled flush systems. These advancements minimise germ transmission and streamline daily routines. LED lighting, voice-controlled systems, and internet connectivity add a modern touch, transforming bathrooms into high-tech sanctuaries. To balance the sleekness of these innovations, incorporate elements like vertical gardens, vintage furniture, or statement lighting, ensuring the space remains warm and inviting.


Alice 400mm Oblong Back-Lit LED Mirror

Colour & Finish Trends

As we delve into the colour & finish trends for this year, it's clear that the harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and sophisticated design is the most sought-after style. This year's palette emphasises earthy tones, warm metals, and soothing matt finishes, reflecting a broader movement towards creating tranquil, inviting spaces that connect us to nature. 

  • Earthy Tones & Natural Woods

Earthy tones and natural wood finishes currently dominate bathroom design, creating calming spaces that reflect the natural world. The palette of greens, blues, beiges, browns, and whites enhances relaxation and well-being, while wood grain and wood effect schemes blend seamlessly with earthy tones to create a warm, organic aesthetic. The biophilic design and natural materials trend will continue to grow in popularity, emphasising our connection to nature.  

  • Warm Metals instead of Chrome

Warm metals such as brushed bronze, brass, and copper are set to replace chrome, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to bathroom fixtures. These muted, luxurious finishes are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to complement a wide range of design styles. The trend towards warmer and deeper metallics adds visual warmth and sophistication and brings a distinctive, premium look to bathrooms, pairing beautifully with rich greens and blues.

  • Matt Finishes

Matt finishes are becoming a significant trend in bathroom design, by diffusing light to create a serene atmosphere. These finishes provide a velvety texture that enhances the overall feel of the space. The preference for matt finishes is growing due to their practicality, as they show fewer fingerprints and watermarks. Consumers are increasingly opting for satin and matt finishes over traditional gloss, adding a sophisticated touch to bathroom furniture and fixtures.

  • Moody Powder Rooms

Moody powder rooms are set to make a comeback with their dark, dramatic colours and bold design choices. These spaces are perfect for experimenting with rich hues and luxurious finishes, creating a striking and memorable atmosphere. Darker tones and textured materials transform powder rooms into sophisticated, stylish retreats with intimate ambiance. This trend allows for creativity and boldness, making powder rooms the jewel boxes of the home.

Vincent Grey Patterned Vitrified Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile 33.5x33.5cm


  • Modern Meets Rustic

The modern meets rustic trend combines sleek, contemporary elements with rustic, natural materials to create a balanced and inviting bathroom design. This style blends clean lines and modern fixtures with reclaimed wood, stone, and other rustic textures, offering a personalized and cozy aesthetic that feels both fresh and timeless. This trend emphasizes the importance of integrating natural elements into modern designs, creating spaces that are both functional and warm.

  • Moody and Masculine Colours

Moody and masculine colours like deep blues, charcoal greys, and rich blacks add a bold, sophisticated touch to bathrooms. These colours create a strong, impactful look that exudes confidence and style. Paired with sleek fixtures and minimalist designs, moody and masculine hues transform bathrooms into elegant, refined spaces. 

  • Cool Earthy Tones

Cool earthy tones, such as soft greens, slate greys, and muted browns, bring a refreshing and calming vibe to bathrooms. These colours evoke a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature. Cool earthy tones work well with natural materials and minimalist designs, enhancing the overall harmony of the bathroom. This palette offers a sophisticated yet understated look that can easily be integrated into various bathroom styles.

Hope Ash Hexagon Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles 15x17.3cm


Bathroom Tiles Trends

Having covered products and colours, now we take a look at one of the most decorative areas of the bathroom – the choice of tiles. With a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes available, tiles can help innovate the aesthetic of the space. Here are the top tile trends according to the experts:

  • Wood Effects & Wood Panelling

Wood effect tiles and wood panelling continue to be popular for bringing warmth and natural beauty to bathroom designs. Mimicking the look of real wood, these tiles offer the durability and water resistance of ceramic or porcelain. The growing trend of wood effect tiles in shades like honey oak and dark walnut is associated with the desire to enhance the spa-like, natural ambiance of bathrooms.

  • Earthy and Natural Tones

Similarly to the wood effect, tiles in earthy and natural tones, such as soft greens, warm browns, and gentle terracotta, are set to be more prominent. These colours fit the biophilic design trend, creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere that connects indoor spaces with nature. Home design experts emphasise the importance of these tones in evoking a sense of relaxation and well-being.

  • Warmer Colour Tiles

Moving away from cooler colour schemes, warmer colour tiles are predicted to be a major trend. These bold warm hues are another way to bring nature to your bathroom, but this time with an invigorating charge of colourful energy. Deep reds, terracotta, and burnt oranges will bring a cosy and inviting feel to bathrooms. Designers forecast an increased popularity for these hues, which add warmth and a homely, rustic charm to bathroom spaces.

Original Style Tileworks Style Oken Brick Garnet Tile 7.5x30cm


  • Marble

Marble tiles remain a timeless choice, offering luxurious and elegant aesthetics. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, marble tiles can transform bathrooms into high-end, spa-like retreats. Interior design is currently seeing a resurgence of marbled stone and veined motifs, with honed marble being particularly popular for its unique patterning and luxury feel.

  • Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are gaining traction for their ability to add depth and interest to bathroom designs. These tiles, which include natural stone finishes like travertine imitations, bring a tactile element that enhances the overall aesthetic. There is a growing interest on the market for textured tiles to create feature walls and add dimension to minimalist spaces.

  • Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles have a retro-inspired design that is making a comeback, celebrated for its unique and playful appearance. This mixture of marble, quartz, granite, and glass chips embedded in cement offers a speckled, colourful look that adds a touch of mid-century modern flair. This style offers versatility and enduring popularity, making it a favourite for both contemporary and classic bathroom styles.

Dune Chicago Hexagon Terrazo Porcelain Tile 21.5x25cm

Dune Chicago Hexagon Terrazo Porcelain Tile 21.5x25cm


  • Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone tiles are a stylish choice for adding accents and sophistication to bathroom floors and walls. This classic pattern creates a dynamic and elegant look that stands out. We are seeing a resurgence of herringbone patterns, which lend themselves perfectly to both colourful and monochrome design schemes. 

  • Bold and Colourful

Bold and colourful tiles are set to make a statement, allowing homeowners to express their creativity and personality. Vibrant tiles, used for statement walls or throughout the entire space, can transform a bathroom into a lively, eye-catching spot. This trend adds a sense of fun and dynamism, making bathrooms feel more vibrant and inviting.

  • Geometric Patterns

Similarly to herringbone, geometric patterns are a must-have for a dynamic bathroom design accent. These tiles, often in shapes like hexagons, chevrons, and diamonds, create visually striking layouts. Perfect for feature walls and splashbacks, geometric patterns allow for creative expression and can be tailored to individual style preferences, making bathrooms both trendy and personalised.

  • Stone Effect Tiles

Stone effect tiles are always a major trend, mimicking materials like marble, limestone, and travertine for a luxurious, spa-like feel. They add an organic touch to bathrooms, creating a serene and sophisticated feeling while being more durable and easier to maintain than real stone.

  • Stacked Subway Tiles & Vertical Tile Stacking

Stacked subway tiles, especially when arranged vertically, are gaining popularity for their unexpected look. This layout breaks away from traditional horizontal designs, creating a modern and elongating effect on walls. Vertical tile stacking enhances the room's height and adds a fresh twist to classic tile designs. This innovative approach is perfect for creating stylish, updated bathrooms with a dynamic and sophisticated appeal.

Original Style Tileworks Montblanc Blue Stack Tile 20x60cm


  • Large-format tiles

Large-format tiles make a significant impact in the bathroom, offering a clean and seamless appearance with fewer grout lines. These tiles create a sense of continuity and spaciousness, making bathrooms feel larger and more open. Ideal for both walls and floors, large-format tiles exude luxury and are easy to clean, making them perfect for modern, high-end bathroom designs.


The bathroom trends for 2024 emphasize innovation, sustainability, and personal expression, reflecting a shift towards mindful living and sophisticated style. This year’s trends include rimless toilets for superior hygiene, elegant freestanding baths, textured fluted detailing, and smart technology. Colour and finish trends such as earthy tones, warm metals, and matt finishes create calming, inviting spaces, while bold designs like moody powder rooms and modern rustic styles blend contemporary elements with natural materials. Tile trends, including wood effects, earthy tones, marble, textured tiles, and terrazzo turn bathrooms into luxurious, efficient, and personalized sanctuaries.

Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or a simple refresh, Tiles Ahead can help you recreate these trends and ensure your bathroom remains a modern, luxurious, and inviting retreat.

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